Women's Basketball Student-Athletes Tabbed To Promote Peacock Movie

Women's Basketball Student-Athletes Tabbed To Promote Peacock Movie

Women's Basketball Student-Athletes Tabbed To Promote Peacock Movie

As NBC Sports, the Big Ten and Peacock continue to grow their partnership, with Maryland football games set to air on NBC and Peacock, our Terps are in the middle of it. 

Three women’s basketball athletes (Lavender Briggs, Jakia Brown-Turner and Faith Masonius) had deals with NBC Peacock to promote LeBron James’ new movie “Shooting Stars” on Peacock.

"NBC Sports Athlete Direct worked with Universal Pictures on a NIL social media campaign to promote LeBron James’ movie “Shooting Stars,” Damon Phillips, NBC Sports SVP. “We were looking for high character D1 basketball players that were influential on social media. I actually live in the DMV and understand the power and influence of Maryland women’s basketball and the caliber of young women Coach Frese brings into her program. We were very fortunate to have Jakia, Lavender and Faith participate in the Shooting Stars campaign."

Faith Masonius promoting Shooting Stars on TikTok


“These deals are a great example of how networks and student-athletes can beneficially work together,” said Grayson Wagner, Maryland's Director of Name, Image, and Likeness Services. "Who better to promote the film "Shooting Stars" than prominent collegiate athletes that grew up watching LeBron through the peak of his career? I'm excited to see the other opportunities that Maryland student-athletes can explore in this space in the future."

For Brown-Turner, the process to connect with NBC Sports was easy, getting an initial message through her Teamworks and then communicating from there. After landing on a deal, the girls posted the movie trailer to their social media and then received payment almost immediately after.

The three athletes also enjoy working on the deal together and comparing what they’re posting to promote the movie.

“We like to share ideas and help each other be creative to make this as great an experience for all of us as possible,” Brown-Turner said.

Jakia Brown-Turner promoting Shooting Stars on Instagram

For Brown-Turner, the opportunity to promote something involving her favorite player—LeBron James—and get paid for it was a dream come true.

“I was super excited to post it and to be part of something that he’s working on.”

Lavender Briggs promoting Shooting Stars on Instagram
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